Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat,

Elder Mitchell gets to call home, how about that!!!!

Hi mum and dad

just to let you know I will probably be skyping home around 12 o'clock tomorrow, 11.45am at the earliest. We have been asked to keep our calls to half an hour to 45 minutes.

Also, I did get your big box on tuesday, but as I was training back I had to give it to the zone leaders to bring back, but they are comign up today to give it back to us :)

Love you all, speak to you tomorrow :D

Hey Everybody

so... we survived "the end of the world" it was crazy down here, you should have seen it! nothing... nothing happened, absolutely nothing. but anyways...

This week has been really good. On Monday for P-day we went to bournemouth and played capture the flag against the missionaries in the Poole zone. I'd like to say we won, but either we were too good, or we all sucked so we declared it a draw! (but Plymouth zone won really! haha!)

Then on tuesday we got to go to the temple which was just amazing as always! and the christmas conference was good. We got fed (most important thing) and then President Millar spoke to us a little, then we sung some christmas carols then we got all our post and presents and then headed home. Unfortunately, as our travel plans met going by train, we had to give our packages to the zone leaders so they could take it back by car. This was a great idea as we had to go via london, via the tube (which is always an enjoyable experience...) during rushour, (which added to my joy...) but thankfully we got to stay the night with the elders in Newton Abbot as we got back to their falt at nearly 11pm. it was great though.

Then, this week we had two main miracles. so after Christmas conference Elder Pettersen decided to just call all of our investigators and potentials to try and arrange a time we could see them. At first no one answered, but then almost right away, Vanessa called back and we arranged a time to see her for the next day :D so we went around to see her and she let us in, and we got to teach her and her two daughters Abbie and Lusinda. It was great! We watched the restoration with them and it was a really good teach. Abbie asked a lot of good questions like, whats the true meaning of christmas and how prophets are called which is great!! I think she will definately go somewhere. Also, just a head's up, she is looking at going to Uni this next year and is looking at Aberdeen, St. Andrews or Edinburgh, so I may request some of you keeping an eye out for her if she does go to Uni up there. It was great though. And just before we left, she ran up to our room and quickly wrote us each a Christmas card, which was funny. So that was miracle number one.

Miracle number two. Simone, who we saw last sunday wanted to come to the carol service this sunday, so we managed to arrange a lift for her and she came yesterday! it was great!!! She said she really enjoyed it too. She has been to other churches but says that she liked this one the best as everyone is so friendly and there is a nice spirit there and she really enjoyed it. She wants to come back again which is good :)

So those have been the main parts of our week.

Well I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and remember why we celebrate Christmas (christmas begins with CHRIST).

Love to you all
Elder MItchell

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