Sunday, 13 May 2012


Elder Zachariah Mitchell has been called to serve a mission for The Church Of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints in the England London South Mission.  The Mission covers all of southern England from Cornwall through to Kent (not all of Kent is in the Mission).  Just over 30 years ago, I, his father, was called to serve in the England Bristol Mission.  A number of years ago, the Church reorganised the missions in the United Kingdom and the Bristol Mission was split between the London South Mission and the Birmingham Mission.  Two of the areas that I served in are now in Zac's mission, so I look forward to learn the areas in which he will serve and live in.

Zac becomes Elder Mitchell

On the eve of Zac's departure, Zac was set apart as a missionary by Pres Richard Campbell ( Pres Freed was unavailable as he was out of the country).  Also present were Richard and Fiona Moon.  I t did bring back memories from when I was set apart as a missionary back in December of 1981.  Before he was actually set apart, there was time for some last hugs.
Zach with Caitlan.....

and Thomas.....

and Linda......

and Daniel......

and Becky.....

and Mum.....

and Dad.

The beginning

Missionary Training Centre, Preston Temple
Elder Zachariah Mitchell entered the Missionary Training Centre at the Preston Temple, England on  April 26th.  To say it was an uneventful trip would be wide of the mark.  The plan was to go down in our car, but it was too small for 4 people (Shirley, Becky, Zac and me) and luggage for a missionary for 2 years!  Daniel said we could take his car and so off we went.  About 30 miles into our trip, Daniel's car died on the motorway!  After a long wait, we were towed off the motorway by a motorway policeman - there was a cafe just off the motorway, where Daniel and Linda found us and we had a change of travel plans.  So Becky had to go back with Daniel and Linda, while Shirley, Zac and I, continued to the MTC.
He's made it!

About 2 hours later than planned, we finally arrived.  The drop off passed in a blur!  We did get to go inside and meet Pres and Sis Walker and had a few pictures taken.  I'm afraid I'm not looking my best as I was a little stressed out from the trip.

Dad putting on Elder Mitchell's name tag
One happy missionary, one frazzled Dad and a relieved Mum

As you can see from the photos, Zac, sorry Elder Mitchell, is over joyed at being in the MTC.  He has finally arrived as a missionary.


  1. He looks so happy to be a Missionary & you & Shirley look almost in tears-a bitter-sweet time.

    1. It was a very bitter sweet day - getting stressed out that Dan's car broke down, waiting for nearly 2 hours on the side of the M74, being towed off by the police, getting to the MTC later than planned, and then leaving our son behind!!

  2. Mike, thanks for sharing this. It is a great way to keep up and will make a great addition to Elder Mitchell's journal. He looks great.