Monday, 14 April 2014

Elder Mitchell's mission is coming to an end.....

This is his penultimate weekly email.  It has been a fascinating journey that we have all been on.  I would like to thank every one who has visited this blog - I never expected to have so many hits from so many different countries.  This has had over 3,500 page views from China to South America, from Russia to Vietnam and all places in between.  I hope you have all enjoyed the journey.  Just 2 more emails to post - this weeks and next weeks.  I hope that any one who isn't a member has learnt something about our church, and maybe the next time you see 2 smartly dressed young men or young women with strange name tags on, you'll stop them and talk to them.  They would like nothing better.

So here is Elder Mitchell's email:

Hey everyone!

Yes I know I am now into single digits, thank you all for reminding me! haha! It is good though, reminds me I still have 9 days to work! (well maybe 7 depending when I go to the temple)

Well our week has been pretty fun! Last P-day we played football and rugby with our district the Zone Leaders and the AP's. We didn't play full-contact rugby, so don't worry Becky. It was frustrating though as me being only a little guy getting picked up and put on the floor by our big welsh AP... was not a proud moment, but I was like the little-est (as in skinniest) guy there so I did pretty well.

Anyway, back to talking about missionary work. This week sadly we weren't able to see Kingston and Betty. We aren't too sure what happened but we had an appointment with them, and we went over but they weren't in. Hopefully they just forgot but I don't know. Hopefully we will see them again this week.

We did get to see Sophie and Chris though. They are doing well, and Chris has been reading the Book of Mormon which is great! Sophie hasn't been but never mind. We will hopefully be able to see them again this week, and hopefully they will be able to come to church.

We have found a few new ivestigators this week too. There is a guy called Enoch, he is from Ghana. He is catholic, but he really wants to meet with us. We are seeing him on tuesday morning so we will see how that goes.

We also met this woman called Maria, we met her and her mum. They are from columbia. Her mum doesn't speak english, but Maria does really well. She is a Jehovah's Witness, but they apparently have family back in columbia that attend our church which is cool. We will be going by to see them sometime this week so we will see how that goes. It's a shame I don't remember any spanish from when I served with Elder Castro.

So this is my full week as a missionary. I plan to work as hard as I possibly can so that, even though I am going home, the missionary that replaces me still has something to work with when I leave. I will also be trying not to get fat as we have about 7 dinner appointments this week... (3 of them on saturday!)

Also, on sunday, the ward has given me 5 minutes to share what I have learned from my mission... squeezing two years into 5 minutes... wish me luck! Also, it turns out President and Sister Millar will be there too and they will be talking after me... no pressure right?

Well, I hope you all have a good week, we are off to an all you can eat buffet! Our goal is to get kicked out for eating too much food!

I love you all!!

Elder Zach Mitchell

As you can see he's still working hard.

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