Sunday, 8 July 2012

Birthday wishes

I got this at the beginning of the week, but thought I'd share it today, my birthday.

Hey Dad,
I will try to write a letter as well but, Happy Birthday! I know it isn't until Sunday, but if I don't send this now, it'll be a day late, which is no good! I hope you have a good day though, and enjoy spending time with everybody. I wish I could be there to spend the day with you, but I am out here doing the Lord's work so don't be sad that I can't be there.
How is everything in the ward going? and how is the missionary work up there? Is Elder Neilson (did I spell it right?) settling in okay? Hope all is well.
I signed that thing about my pension, Bishop Howlett said he would scan it and send it back to you for today, hope you got it. I have no idea what to do with that but I presume you can sort it out for me.
How are you enjoying the F1 season? it sounds pretty excited from what I've heard. I'm surprised at how much I am not too bothered about missing it to be honest, I thought I would be gutted about missing it, especially when it has been so exciting, but I don't mind. I'm sure if it is that good it will be on DVD or something when I get back anyway haha.
Hope you don't have to work away in Newcastle for too long, and everything gets sorted back at work.
Well I hope you have a good birthday and a good week leading up to it too. I am so glad that you are my Dad, and I love you.
Elder Mitchell

Elder Neilson has been out about as long as Elder Mitchell. When ever I go with the missionaries on a teach, it's like I'm going out teaching with my son. I didn't miss him today, he's where he should be, serving the Lord.

I had a wonderful birthday.

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