Saturday, 22 December 2012

Off to the Temple.....

Hey everybody,
Well if this is a short email I am sorry but we have a stuper long day today so Idon;t have too much time to email. So what's going on is tomorrow we are going to the temple for a Christmas conference (get to go through the temple too, exciting stuff!!) so today, Plymouth and Poole zones are meeting in Poole for a joint Zone P-day which NEVER happens!! so today, we have to leave Paignton at 10, to get the train to Exeter and be there for 11.30 where we are meeting the rest of our zone, then we are travelling to Poole to meet the other missionaries, then tonight or tomorrow we will be heading up to the temple. and then tomorrow we are travelling back to Paignton.... I know, Long day.
So this week has been okay, ups and downs as usual. Bad news out the way first, we haven't been able to contact Jane this week, she is never in and when we call her it always goes straight to voicemail, so I think she may be avoiding us... and we have other potentials but we haven't been able to contact them either.
Some members on Sunday were having a fireside though and asked us to bring investigators (which we dont have much of to be honest) but we did try to call all of them to invite them, but no one answered. Then Simone, someone the senior couple in Newton Abbott were working with before they went home, called back, so we invited her and she wanted to come. She lives out in Totnes though, so needed a lift but some members brought her which was great. So that was good, and she had a really good time. We answered a lot of questions she had about reincarnation and things liek that which was good. She is really interested in finding out more though which is awesome. Hopefully we can see her sometime this week.
We have also been working with quite a few less-actives as always. which reminds me, this week I held a Python!! :D It was only a little one, but it was still cool. We have a less-active who has like 3 snakes, a tortoise, a lizard, a chicken, a tarancula and a dog (and I'm sure he has more), so we saw him this week and he is the one with the Python, so he brought her out and we both got to hold her. I have pictures, that I will send sometime :)
This week should be good. on sunday, the ward is having a nativity and a christmas carol service which they are trying to invite a lot of less-actives and non-members to which should be good.
Well sorry this email is so short, but not too much has happened this week and our train leaves in about half an hour and we need to get to the flat grab our things and get to the station (its not too far but we can't be late because the next train is an hour later).
Hope you all have a good week.
Love you all
Elder Mitchell
ps. incase the world ends on december 21st, I was wrong... if it doesn't end, talk to you on monday :D

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