Monday, 3 December 2012

Hey everyone, I keep losing count which email this is, I always have to go back and check what my previous email was. I have been out here for so long!! but at the same time it feels I only just left. it is strange :S
Anyway, my week has been pretty good. It has at least been dry most of the time.
Well on wednesday we had the multi-zone conference in Poole which was great. President Millar and Elder Kerian spoke to us, and he showed us something quite alarming. He showed us the number of baptisms in the mission over the last three years compared to the last seven years, and they have dropped over the last three years, quite badly actually. He wasn't using this to rebuke us though, and tell us we are bad missionaries, he did it is inspire us and show us where we can be, and what it is possible to do. They both talked about getting the desire and the vision to baptise so I think the whole mission now is ready to baptise everyone they meet. It was great though and the spirit was so strong there.
So this week we did get to see Jane, but unfortunately we did not get to teach her much as she had other things she wanted to talk about, and needed advise with some things. We were plannign to invite her to be baptized if the lesson went to plan, but unfortunately it didn't, maybe next time.
We have been working hard to find new people to teach though, and we have quite a few potentials that we just need them to have some spare time so we can see them. Things are picking up though, slowly.
On sunday, Elder Herbertson didn't come to church, he cancelled on thursday for some reason, so it was just a normal fast and testimony meeting. It was strange though because quite a few people thought I had already left. I guess, because we did a workover with our district leader on friday, someone saw Elder Pettersen with another missionary and thought I had left, so spread it around that I had gone (gossip, gets you nowhere). I have a feeling I will move at the end of this transfer though, I just have that feeling in my gut. That and Bishop has me and Elder Pettersen speaking next sunday, so that might be my farewell talk to Paignton. We will see though.
Well I am getting a bit more confident in speaking with people, thank to Elder Pettersen. He is a great missionary and yeah, there's times when we don't see eye to eye, and we have needed some emergency companionship inventories but we seem to be getting on fine just now. He is being really helpful as well :)
Well, sorry this email is kinda short, time always manages to escape me (we only get an hour on the computers and there always seems so much to do!!!) but before I go I will just let you know, on the 19th December I will be at the temple, so if you send any Christmas packages, make sure they are sent by then.
Thank you all for your letters, emails and prayer. and to those that have wrote to me, I will get around to replying at some point, I promise!!!
Love you all!!!
Elder Mitchell

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