Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Out with the old, in with the new

Hey everyone!!
I hope everyone had a good Christmas! Thank you to everyone that sent me presents, cards, stamps etc. I loved all of them, although unfortunately I got the raindeer dust a day late, but I will save it for next year!
Well this week had been alright I guess. I survived all four dinner appointments we had between Christmas Eve and Boxing day. I was ill a few days ago (Don't worry, I'm fine now) but that wasn't related to the food (A member, not a planned D.A tried to feed us rabbit... long story, I'll save that one for when I get home, unless you all desberately want to know my horror story?). It was a good Christmas though.
Unfortunately work wise, this week hasn't been as good as other weeks, but that is only because it is the week between Christmas and New Years so this week should be back to normal. We didn't get to see Vanessa and her girls, but they did ask us to come by in the new year so we will see them this week. Also, Simone we spoke to her on the phone and tried to get her to church yesterday, but where she lives just now is right about a club so she barely gets enough sleep on a normal weekend never mind new years weekend so she wasn't able to make it. She said she wants to come this sunday though, and we will hopefully see her again this week.
We didn't get to see as many of the less-actives we normally see, some were unwell, and others just weren't home but we got to see a few which was good. We also got to see a recent convert who has been struggling with some things for the past few weeks and hasn't been out to church. We did lose contact with him for the last two weeks as we couldn't get through to him on the phone and he was never in, but we got to see him last night which was good. He is wanting to come to church still which is a positive but he still has some issues that he is trying to overcome. We are going to do all he can to help him though, and he knows that the church is there to help him.
Well, in 11 hours we can all say "We survived 2012!" (I am going to try and get a t-shirt with that printed on it!) I can't believe this year is over already! Where has it gone? Behind us I guess... but it is a time where we can look forward, make goals and plans to make 2013 better then this year has been. Remember though, new years resolutions aren't just until february :P Hope you all have a good new year!! I know I will be, I'll be sleeping! (bedtime still applies, even on New Years.)
Well take care everybody.
Love you all!
Elder Mitchell

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