Wednesday, 16 January 2013

He remembers

Hi Dad
That was him? I remember meeting him! Wow! such a small world!! I will definately have to tell Elder Schmokel! That is really cool.
Elder Riki is serving in the London Mission. I haven't heard from him since the MTC, I should send him an email or something, see how he is doing, but I don't have his email address on me today so it'll have to wait for another day.
By the way, in your journals did you happen to note any one that you were teaching that didn't get baptized at all? I could maybe check them out, see if they still live there or might be interested now. Just an idea me and Elder Pettersen had earlier this week.
Take care dad.
Love, Elder Mitchell
Now there's a thought, even if I do find some names, will they still e there 30 years later?
Hey everyone!!!

Can you believe it is the middle of January already? I know everyone said time as a missionary will fly by, but I didn't realise they meant a jet engine would be strapped to the back of it... strange analogy, but that's me!

So my week has been pretty good. I'll get the bad news out of the way first though. Unfortunately we had to drop Ella. We called as we said we would last monday, and her husband answered and as soon as he found out it was us he said she didn't want to meet us again and hung up the phone. Well, you can't get in the way of people's agency. Also, we haven't been able to see Vanessa, Abbie and Lusinda this week, but we will hopefully get back in contact with them, as they do genuinely seem interested.

Other than that, it has been a good week. We got to teach Elaine on tuessday, and she asked some really good questions, and seemed to accept everything we taught her. We invited her to read Moroni 10:3-5 and pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true. We are going back on thursday to see how it went. Also, we got back in contact with Jane! She had been out of town over Christmas and New Years but seemed happy to talk to us again, and she was actually the one that suggested we should go round and see her again. We can't see her this week though, as she has exchange students live with her, and she has new ones coming this week, so she wants to get settled with them this week, but would like to see us the following week. So that was good.

We are also still working with the usual less-actives that we see. We had a miracle the other day though. One of the Recent converts here has been strugglign a lot with the word of wisdom, but this week he has been praying for help and now, anytime he smokes he says he feels sick and the last time he did smoke (which was about a week ago) it made him really sick, so he hasn't smoked for a week and hasn't drank either which is great!!

Also, on saturday we had an Elder Quorum activity (well, it was supposed to be, but us, the Elder Quorum president and his dad were the only ones that came) but that was good. We learnt how to make fires (which was really fun!!) and a bit more about survival. Then they took us up to Dartmoor as we haven't had a chance to go up there, so that was really cool!! It was good fun. Before they could take us up to Dartmoor though, we had to get his car out of his really muddy garden. It was a 4x4, but with road tires so it got stuck, and it was quite a small garden so we had to drag it out pretty much sideways (thats how muddy the garden was) and then somehow tow it so it turns on the spot so we could drive it out the garden. It was interesting.

So that has been my week. This week should be good. We have a Zone training meeting down in St Austall on wednesday, and on tuesday, we are doing a workover with the Assisstants which should be interesting.

Well, hope you all are well!

I love you all loads!!!

Elder Mitchell

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