Monday, 22 October 2012

The latest news from the mission front....

Good morning everybody! (incase you are reading this in the afternoon/evening good afternoon/evening)
Well today has been well... not neccesserily (I can never spell that word yet I insist on always using it...) a bad week, but hasn't been extrememly great either. We have only had one real teach this week which isn't that good, but we are trying our best.
Of all of our investigators, we haven't really been able to see any of them. Alice cancelled her appointment and we haven't really been in contact with her since. Jimmy and Kathrine also cancelled the dinner appointment we had with them as something urgent came up, but we should be seeing them this week. We tried by Andy last night but he didn't answer the door, and our only other Investigator Mike, we saw him briefly the other day, but he has recently got some bad news about his health, and currently his sister is staying with him, who is against all religions so he has told us to try by again next week.
We have been trying by a few potentials that the sisters found before I got here though, that has seemed quite effective. On Wednesday, me and my district leader (we were on exchange) tried by one called Nicole, she wasn't home but her mother was, and she invited us in and asked us questions. We left her with a Book of Mormon and we have an appointment to see her tomorrow. Also on saturday we tried by another potential called Vanessa. She was happy to talk with us, and her two teenage daughters as well. We stood on the doorstep and talked with them for close to an hour. Vanessa has a Book of Mormon that she is reading throug hgradually, and her oldest daughter wants to read it too when she is done. So hoepfully we can see them all this week.
We have also been trying by some Lost Sheep that we have been given to check up on. Most have moved or are not interested, but when we were out in Totnes one day, we were knocking the street of one of them, and we met this nice lady called Elaine, who cahtted with us for a bit. We left her a Book of Mormon and she is happy for us to come back and tell her more. Only trouble is, totnes is really hard to get to, buses come once an hour and the only other option is getting a train all the way to Newton Abbot to go back on yourself to go down the line to Totnes. But we will try.
Well sorry this is kinda a quick email, I have just noticed my time is getting quite low....
Today though, as it is Elder van Der Put's last P-day the whole district is meeting up in Exeter to go bowling. It should be fun!
Oh yeah! I have found out what is happening when Elder Van Der Put goes to the temple on friday. I will be serving in Paignton still with Elder Bendall who is serving in Newton Abbot and his companion will be serving with one of the YSA there for a few days (Dann Gooding by the way) and that will be the case until Next Monday when moves are, so just a warning incase I don't get a chance to email you next monday. I highly doubt I will be getting moved, but just in case something happens that means I can't email, that is why.
Well hoep you are all doing well! can you believe on friday I will have been out 6 months already?! that's half a year!!! Its gone so fast!
Anyway, gotta go, Ciao for now!
Love Elder Mitchell

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