Monday, 15 October 2012

A few emails this week

First email was complaining about the local library's computers......

I know I normally have sent my email out by now but I haven't so
sorry... this is just to let you know that this library computer
sucks! so I haven't been able to do president's letter, and this
computer has been super slow so I have barely had time to read all
your emails.
I will go onto the computer at the chapel later and send you all my
email to let you know how I am doing. Just so you all know though
that... I am alive!!!! (it's not that scary people, come on :P)
Love you all
Ciao for now!
Elder Mitchell

He also managed to get a quick reply to mine....

Hi dad, sounds like you are having lots of fun with Thomas and
Caitlan, sound like they are still getting into mischief as always!
Hope you are all doing well.
Sandra Hancox says hello by the way, we saw her this week, she is
doing well, her husband Ally has been in and out of hosptial for the
last few months but he is getting better.
I will tell you more about my week in my big email.
I love you all
Elder Mitchell

Finally, having gained access to a good pc:

Hello everyone, I am now on a computer that likes me so I can email properly :D
Well I hope you are all doing well.
This week has been good. We have had 3 teaches this last week, so hopefully things will just keep getting better :)
We picked up a new investigator this week, she was a referral from, her name is Alice. She is a young student who signed herself up to meet with missionaries which is cool. We met her with a member called Phil (he used to be a biker before he was a member, he always has interesting stories) but it was a great teach. He taught her about the restoration and Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. it was a great teach and the spirit was there. She was really happy when we gave her a Book of Mormon, she even said a prayer at the end of the lesson which was great! We did set an appointment to see her again tomorrow but she had to cancel as she has a biology field trip. She is very busy with school so rarely has free time to meet with us. She also works at the weekends which sucks, but hopefully we can see her soon though. Her parents are non-practicing Catholics though, so I just hope that they aren't stopping her from meeting with us. Ideally we would like to meet them and maybe teach them, but we will see.
We also saw Mike on tuesday as well. He always asks us a lot of questions, sometimes quite difficult ones too, like the other week he asked us if we all come from Adam and Eve he asked is every guilty of Incest, which was... interesting to try and explain haha. But he asked us a lot about the Holy ghost and the Plan of Salvation, I just hope we answered his questions well enough. He still doesn't believe that there can only be one true church though, but we will keep teaching him, and just pray that he feels the spirit from what we share.
Also we got to see Jimmy and Kathrine on thursday. It was good, although we didn't really teach much, they just had a lot of questions about what missionary life is like. We have a good relationship with them though and they have even invited us around for dinner this week, which is always good. Hopefully we can teach them both a bit more then.
Something amazing that happened though, as we were walking to get the bus after seeing them, Elder Van Der Put noticed this guy who was kinda sitting off by the side of the path on some steps, and he seemed quite down. At first we walked past (I hadn't seen the guy) but Elder Van Der Put stopped us and asked if we should go back and talk to him. As I didn't see him I didn't know what he was on about, but I agreed we should. Well the guy was going through a hard time, and had decided to go on a walk for various reasons and he ended up where we met him. But we talked with him and told him who we were and we were able to testify that whatever he was going through, Heavenly Father and Jesus christ know exactly what he is going through and that they can help. We gave him a Book of Mormon which, he was clutching to his chest and crying as we talked to him. The spirit was so strong then, it nearly had me and Elder van Der Put in tears as well. But when we finished talking to him, he gave us both a hug and thanked us for stopping to talk to him, then we gave him our number and we went our separate ways. We haven't heard from him since, but I am just glad that we were able to be there for someone who was in need.
Other then that, we have seen a few of the less-actives we normally see, and have seen quite a few of the members now too. We have also received quite a few referrals but half of them haven't gone anywhere. One of them, actually seems to be a prank the guys friends played on him, because one referral was a 14 year old boy, and the phone number was wrong and the email was something like idontreplytoemails@ or it was something like that anyway, which kinda frustrates me, that kids would be so stupid to do something like that. They don't understand how much of people's time they waste just to play a trick. Kids are dumb, I'm not having any (sorry Becky, I'm only kidding), so yeah, that annoyed me a little.
Also this week, we had to go all the way to St Austall for a Zone training. We had to wake up at 6am to get there for 10. 6!!! I missed half an hour of much needed sleep!!! I'm not bitter about it or anything, I just like my bed... haha! As much as I like it though, I always get up at 6.30. I have put my alarm clock in the hall just to make sure I physcially get out of bed to turn it off.
So yeah, that has basically been my week.
Thank you all for your letters and emails and so on. Oh yeah, thank the Mackay's for the late birthday package, I got that today so thank you so much! I don't think I could eat all those sweets at once so tell them they don't have to worry about that.
Well hoep you are all well.
I love you all!!!
Elder Mitchell

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