Sunday, 3 February 2013

On the road again

I discovered that one of the sister missionaries that served in Livingston had a brother serving in the same mission as Elder Mitchell.  I was "speaking" with her on Facebook.  I asked Elder Mitchell if he had come across Elder Corca and this was his reply:

Yes I know Elder Corca, he was just serving in Redruth with Elder Johnson from Scotland. They both are heading home now though. I thought that he was related but I never got the chance to ask him. He was an awesome missionary though.
He also had this to say about my old companion - Mike Boberg:
Hey Dad
You served with Elder Boberg in Newton Abbot? That is so cool!! obviously me and Elder Schmoekel were meant to meet in this district then haha!
Sounds like you had fun at the burns supper. We didn't get anything down here. Not even a sign of a Haggis! (Not that I'm complaining or anything). Well I hope you travel safe.
I don't know where my new area is yet, we will find out tomorrow at the latest, but I will try and at least send you a letter telling you where my new area is and my new address as soon as I can.
Love Elder Mitchell

Now for Elder Mitchell's regular email:

Hey everyone!!

Can you believe I have been out 9 months now?! it's gone by crazily fast!! Oh yeah, by the way, I am currently still in Paignton but we haven't had moves calls yet, that is tomorrow, so as of yet, I still have no idea where I am going to be. I will let you all know as soon as possible though.

Anyway, this week has been pretty good. Missed out on burns night though, didn't even get a sniff of a Haggis (not that I'm complaining or anything... (it wouldn't be right if I got a Haggis here anyway, because it wouldn't be a proper scottish Haggis)). On the plus side though, I have some bagpipe music now, so that makes me feel more at home haha!

Also, I cannot believe (Elder) Keiran casey is home already! Has that really be 2 years? That's crazy! I'm sure he has some interesting stories from South Africa! (We have a member here who served his mission in Zimbabwe! He has some interesting stories...). Okay, now back to my week:

The work here is really picking up. We have quite a few new investigators which is good. Haven't been able to see any of our old ones really, but never mind. We got to see William this week. He is really smart, but seems skeptical about certain things. He asks a lot of questions which is good, it makes us think a lot of the times. He says though that he isn't going to join the church just because of the supporters, as he said, which is good. We are just trying to emphasize the importance of reading and praying about the Book of Mormon, as that is the only way he will know if what we are saying is true, so we challenged him to do that, and taught him how to recognise his answers. He seemed somewhat doubtful about getting an answer and asked "what if God doesn't answer?" So we told him that, as he promised in the Book of Mormon (Moroni 10:3-5), he promised that those who sincerely pray about the Book of Mormon will receive an answer, so I hope and pray that he does so, and that he does get that answer.

We also got to teach Joan this week. We taught her about the Book of Mormon, and Joseph Smith and she is happily reading the Book of mormon. We did leave her 3 Nephi 11 which she read, and agreed it was teaching the same as the Bible, but was confused how the Apostles had different names, so we explained about how, because of their lack of technology, and the distance between Jerusalem and the americas, two different sets of apostles were needed. She also had a concern about hwo we "pray for our dead" which she confused with baptisms for the dead, which we discussed a little. She didn't understand it as she believes that we have one chance to accept Christ and that is in this life, so we explained that it is for those who don't have to oppurtunity to hear about Christ and his true Gospel.

We also taught a guy called Matt. He is really cool, but we weren't able to spend much time with him as he works from home (he is the webpage manager of Autosport, which is cool), but we were at least able to teach him about the Book of Mormon.

We also met a lady called Norma. Norma was getting taught by missionaries many years ago, but she never joined because her husband was against it, but one of our members asked if we knew anything about her, as she is apparently a "dry mormon." Her husband apparently died some years ago now as well, which is sad, but means there would be nothing holding her back from coming to church. Well we didn't so we went over with the member as Norma said that we were an answer to her prayers which was cool. So we will be seeing her (well when I say we...) this week some time.

So yeah, it has been a pretty good week. Obviously we haven't got moves this week yet, but I am curious to see where my next area will be. I have loved serving in Paignton, but after you are in one area for a while, you get kind of fed up with it, and want to see somewhere else. Don't get me wrong, I love being in Paignton, I have just been here too long!

Anyway, I will let you know where my new area is as soon as possible.

In the mean time, hope you all have a great week!

Love you all!!

Elder Mitchell

Then a short email telling us he was moving and to where!

Hey everyone, just to let you know, I now know where my near area is, I am moving to.... Reading!!! That's all I know so far.
Elder Pettersen is also moving to Southampton... so what is happening to Paignton? I dont know but its The Lord's will, so we cannot argue.
I will let you know my new address asap.
Love you all!
Elder Mitchell

Then another short one telling us who his companion is!

Hey everyone, just to let you know I have got to Reading safely! My new companion is Elder Holmes, he is from the USA (my first american companion)
Love you all
Elder MItchell

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