Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Is Reading ready for Elder Mitchell?

Hey everyone,

So first off... I have finally left the West Country!! 9 months down there is long enough haha! So Reading is awesome!

My new companion is an Elder Holmes, he is originally from Utah, but a his Dad got called as a mission president in Michigan before he came out, so he tells everyone he is from there (Fair play, I tell everyone I'm from Edinburgh). He has been out 6 months, which I guess means I'm senior companion... kind of. He is District Leader though. But anyways, he is cool. He is only 18 which is weird, I'm nearly 2 whole years older then him, and I'm only 20! (thank you Elder Holmes for making me feel old!)

Well Reading is awesome, as I said before. I guess the most exciting news is I have been moved right into a Baptism. Our investigator Ishmael is getting baptized on saturday! He was supposed to be baptized two weeks ago, but Stake conference was then (which then got cancelled because of the snow) and then it was suppsoed to be this weekend but that was when stake conference was rescheduled for so it is this saturday. He is so awesome though. He has been investigating for a year but has only been properly progressing for these last 6 months.

We also have another baptism coming up soon. His name is Jacob. Technically it isn't a convert baptism, as its a sort of long story. He kinda went less actives and was  moving a little bit, then through the post one day he got a letter saying if he wants his name removed, just sign the form and send it back, so he kinda felt like he wasn't wanted and signed it just because he was mad at the time, but not so long after that he regretted it and started coming back to church. That was 10 years ago, and he is still coming out and he wants to get baptized by next month. He needs to speak to the bishop, but in the meantime we are going over all the lessons with him again, make sure he knows it all etc. But yeah thats pretty good.

We also have quite a lot of investigators we are trying to teach. I don't know all of them yet, as I am still getting to know the area, and the members and all of our investigators. but things are going really well here. Me and Elder Holmes are working hard and we will hopefully see some success soon.

We had our stake conference this weekend just gone. As I said it was due to be two weeks ago but got cancelled because of the snow (that I never saw because I was in Paignton, not bitter or anything... much) so that was really good. Its hard to get to know your new ward when they are all mingled in with all the other wards but I have met a few members and they all seem really friendly.

Well I'm not sure there is much else to say to be honest, but I hope all of you are doing well.

Love you all!

Elder Mitchell

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