Sunday, 24 February 2013

"I love Reading!"

Sorry this is a bit late, but you know what they say, better late than never.......

Hey everyone!!!

This week has been a good week. Things are still going well here in Reading so I can't really complain.

Ishmael, after his baptism is doing fantastic! he came on a teach with us on wednesday, and was really helpful in the teach. And next sunday, he is giving a talk in sacrament and they are also going to get him to help with sacrament which will be awesome!

We went to see Cindy with Ishmael which was really good. He actually talked most of the time which was great, he was telling her how hard it was for him to get baptized and all the trials he had to go through but he testified that it was much better after being baptised and that he has felt the blessings from that, which really helped Cindy. I also shared with her a personal experience that me and Becky had about making the decision for me to come out here on a mission, and how much we needed to trust the Lord, but how the Lord has blessed us both for making that decision. The Spirit was so strong there though, it was a great teach, and even if it turns out I got sent to Reading just for that one moment it would all be worth it. But we left her by inviting her to pray about a date to get baptised between now and april 17th when two of her favourite missionaries that have served here in the past and helped her go home. 

We also got to teach Christiana and arthur, the friends of the member who came to church last week. It was great, Christiana's first questions was "If I want to join your church, would I have to get baptised again?" so we taught her the Restoration and about priesthood authority, although me may have to go over that again, as we ran out of time on tuesday. WE had one of the young men with us, so we had to finish so he could take Arthur to youth. Arthur really enjoyed youth though, and he came to church again yesterday which was great! Christiana was ill unfortunately so she couldn't make it.

Also, on wednesday we have our multi zone conference which was good. It was good to hear from President Millar, and the mission presidency and the Assisstants too and also to meet other missionaries that are good friends of mine. I got to see Elder Pettersen again which was good. He is doing well. It was a great conference though.

Then on thursday we went on exchange with the Zone Leaders, and I went up to Didcot with Elder Snow (who is the coolest guy ever!) which meant I got to drive as he can't (I love driving haha!) It was good fun though, and we had a Dinner appointment with the Nicholls which was cool. For those who don't know, one of the missionaries who taught and baptised Becky was Dan Nicholls, and it was his family we had dinner with (small world) which was good fun.

Church on sunday was good too. Only one of our investigators came for the whole thing (arthur) but it was good. There were really good talks in sacrament about forgiveness which was really inspiring. Then we found out one of the members has a weird connection to someone we are teaching. So the missionary that baptized this member, has a daughter who is currently serving in Italy, who baptised this man from Nigeria who is the brother on this guy Howard that we are teaching, and the member had a photo of Howard's brother at his baptism, so we called Howard to let him know (as he hasn't since his brother since he was 3) and he came and met the member and saw the photo and he contributed to Elder Quorum which was on by the time he got there which was great. He says he will be coming next week too, so hopefully he will :) Also, a former investigator randomly showed up towards the end of church and said he wanted to get baptised. I love REading, that's all I can say.

So yeah, this week has been good. I hope you have all had a good week too.

I love you all!!

Elder Mitchell

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