Monday, 11 February 2013

It's a small world.

I got a message from a friend  - Andrew Kilgour - on Sunday evening:
Hi Mike. I'm sitting in a meeting in Reading chapel with Elder Mitchell. He's doing great!
It started a nice little conversation, the short version being that Andrew was at a missionary preparation meeting at which Elder Mitchell was at.  They both had to do a presentation.

This weeks email brought great news!

Hey everyone!

This week has been a good week, mainly because.... we had... A BAPTISM!!!! it was amazing! Ishmael got baptized on saturday. We had to go all the way to the Newbury chapel to do it though, as they are currently working on the baptismal font in the Reading chapel (which we didn't find out about until they already started working on it.) but it was great. I think there were just as many missionaries there as members that made it though but never mind. It was good though as Elder Crystal, one of the AP's was there and he was one of the missionaries that first started teaching Ishmael over a year ago. And then on sunday, I got to confirm him a member of the church and give him the gift of the holy ghost which was great. And then, after church Bishop gave him the priesthood and ordained him to be a priest. Ishmael was over the moon though, he was so happy. His wife and their daughter are already baptized so they are hoping in the coming weeks they can go to the temple together to do baptisms for the dead which would be awesome. So I think that has definately been the highlight of the week. I will send pictures but it will be in another email.

Also an investigator Cindy made it to the baptism. She wants to get baptized she is just worried about what will happen afterwards with her boyfriend and so on, so as yesterday was our fast sunday we fasted with her for strength to make the decision to be baptised. so hopefully we will be seeing another baptism soon.

Also at church yesterday, we had 4 non-members or investigators there. One of the members brought a friend and her son, and showed them around the chapel before church and shared her testimony with them and showed them the baptismal area (or what she could as it is all taped off after the work being done) but apparently both of them want to get baptized, so we are seeing them tomorrow.

So things are doing good in Reading at the moment. Hopefully we can keep working hard so the work will keep progressing and we can help more of Heavenly Father's children come to the truth.

We also just got a new ward mission leader who is a RM and served his mission in the current "Preach my Gospel" era, so he is excited about helping us work with the members are strengthen the ward. I am quite excited too. The coming weeks and months in Reading should be good.

As I am sure many of you know by now, last night I met Andrew Kilgour. I didn't know him at first, but the first thing he said to me was "Elder Mitchell, you look exactly like some other Mitchell's I know, Alec, Michael and Dameon, how are you related?" so that was interesting. Shows just how small the world inside the church is, everyone is some way shape or form knows everyone. Elder Holmes found it amusing as he went onto Dad's facebook and showed him picture of me, which was quite funny. So that fireside last night was more of a workshop really for young men 16 and over who are considering going on a mission. Originally we weren't meant to be there, as it was the Zone Leader's assignment, but they dropped us in it at Ishmael's baptism on saturday, but I think our contribution was good and helped the young men.

Well I am not sure if there is much else to tell from this week. If there is then I don't remember, but I have a few other emails to finish off, so I better wrap this up. Also we are going to complete our kababtism in half an hour or so, so that should be good. (for those who dont know what a kababtism is, there is a tradition in the mission that we celebrate baptisms by getting a kabob. I'm going to get fat...)

Anyway, I love you all!!

Elder Mitchell

For those of you not on Facebook, here are some pictures of Ishmael's baptism

It seems another family we know, the Hunters, were also at the same baptism, but they didn't get to meet Elder Mitchell.  Perhaps they'll meet up again at the next Stake activity.

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