Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Sweet is the work...

Justin Gets Baptised

Elder Tidwell's first baptism

Hey Everyone!!

So first of all I am going to start with some really good news. Remember Justin I was teaching in Woking? He got baptised this weekend. How awesome is that!!! And even better, Elder Tidwell baptised him. Apparently Justin was gutted that I couldn't be there, but I am happy to just know that he got baptised. I'm still counting this as one of mine haha!

So this week has been quite good. We had an amazing Zone Conference which was really good. Elder and Sister Smart were there talking about Family History which was cool, it was good to see them again. They were talking about a new, well... they used the word "program" but that isn't the right name for it. The basically have a goal to get all recent converts to the temple doing work for their ancestors within 60 days of getting baptised. Sounds a good idea to me.

Also, last Monday we had a great teach with Tom at the visitor's centre. The member we were hoping to come along with us couldn't make it, but the member we did get to come with us turned out to be perfect! He has been in the exact same position as Tom when he got baptised so it was really good that they were able to connect to well. And then, Tom was able to make it to church which was great! He had a really great time, and that same member who came to the visitors centre with us on Monday sat by him for the whole thing which was great! He really enjoyed it, and it was a really great testimony meeting too which was great. Tom said he wants to come again which is great.

Apart from that we have been working hard with all of our less-actives and recent converts. They are doing well. Sadly this week we also visited that lady we met a few weeks ago that just wanted to bash with us. First thing she did when we walked in was bring up a load of anti-Mormon stuff which is really annoying but quite sad. Especially because we have been explaining everything to her as simply as we could and she still doesn't get it. She still can't even grasp the fact that the Book of Mormon was written on a completely different continent from the Bible so that is why none of the names or places in the book of Mormon are mentioned in the bible. It is really frustrating, but we did everything we could as she still won't listen to us.

Anyway, to boost the ton of this email back up, we have had a few miracles this week.

First of all there was a couple in Addlestone that Elder Oleson was working with when he was there (he started his mission there). well they moved through to Sutton not long after he left and they haven't been back to church since (problems with family, long story) we met the wife a few weeks ago by another crazy miracle but hadn't been able to get in touch with them since as her phone didn't work. anyway, on friday we got a call from another missionary that they were really close with this week and he gave us their number and told us to stop by. well we were planning to go through to their area anyway, so we called them and we were able to meet the husband and wife it was great! We will hopefully be able to see them more often and help them get back to church.

okay, second miracle, and this one is crazy. So, yesterday, after church we spent some time trying to call investigators and potentials to arrange an appointment. After doing that we get a call from someone called Christiana saying that they just missed a call from us. Elder Oleson checked all the numbers we had called and it didn't match, and we didn't call her. She lives in our area and we got an appointment set up for Saturday. So this is where it gets really crazy. She said she met missionaries in Peckham. Well as we didn't have her number and didn't call her, we called the Peckham elders to see if they just handed over our number to her. so, crazy thing is, we spoke to all three sets of missionaries in Peckham, and none of them remember meeting anyone named Christiana. So we have no idea who called her, and how she got our number. Weird or what? Anyway, we are seeing her on Saturday.

Well, I better wrap this up here.

I love you all

Elder Zach Mitchell

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