Saturday, 22 March 2014

Lord, Dismiss Us with Thy Blessing

This week Elder Mitchell got the letter, the letter that officially tells him his release date. I'll let him tell it.

Hey Everyone!

99 emails from me on the page, 99 emails from meeee! sorry...

So this week has been an interesting week. First of all, I got a scary letter this week.... I got my trunky letter! You know, that letter you get at the end of your mission thanking you for all the hard work you've done... Yeah, I got that! It's okay though, the letter is dated 23rd April 2014, so that means it doesn't exist yet, right?

So investigator wise, we got some sad news this week. We got a text from Tom. He and his girlfriend have broken up, and he wants to take some time to get over it, and work things out, so he doesn't want to meet with us for the time being. He did say though that hopefully we would see us soon, so hopefully we can stay in contact and see him again once things have settled.

Our other investigators, we haven't really been able to see them this week. Kingston and Betty we were going to see them on Saturday but they had something come up. And the main problem with our investigators is that we commit them to come to church, and then they don't come. It is a little frustrating but never mind. Hopefully Sophie and Chris will be coming with their family this sunday though.

We were able to see that couple Ashley and Ameila this week though which was really good. We were meant to have a BBQ with them on Saturday, but their Dad was there so they didn't want to cause any problems. We should be seeing them this week at some point though.

Also something interesting I want to share from church yesterday. In Elder's Quorum the lesson was on sacrament, but the teach spent a lot of time going around the room and asking everyone one question. He simply asked "why are you here at church today?" Of course I was the last one he came to so I had a lot of time to think about it. It was an interesting question, something I would encourage all of you to ask yourselves when you are next at church.

Also, this sunday was one of the AP's last sunday. It was scary for me, because it means now that he is going home, that I am next... but it's okay, I'm not trunky.

Well, I better wrap this up here. I love you all!

Elder Zach Mitchell

ps. Attached is a picture of me with my trunky letter

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