Monday, 17 February 2014

The final weeks....

With less than 10 weeks to go before Elder Mitchell puts away his name tag for good, he keeps his shoulder to the wheel and keeps working hard.

Hey Everyone!!

This week we have been wondering if we were supposed to build an ark and it was no too late, or what was going on! The wind and the rain has been ridiculous. I'm positive that we haven't got it the worst but it has still been horrible. Thankfully though, this week our heating and hot water got fixed. It was kinda funny, our hot water got fixed, but then we found there was a problem with the shower, so I think Friday I had my first proper shower in Sutton (don't worry, I did still wash, I'm not that gross!) (sorry it that's too much information haha!), so that has been a positive. Otherwise we would have froze!

So apart from that, this week has been really good! This week we got a really cool referral. So we got a call from the sister's in the visitor's centre at the temple, they have been teaching someone that lives in our area. His name is Tom and on thursday we got to go to the temple with a member (Martin Wilson) to meet him. He has been being taught by the visitors centre sisters because he works at gatwick, and the temple is 15 minutes away. But he got in contact with the church because he was dating a member from crawley ward (I think) who is now on a mission and he has started taking the lessons. We had a great teach with him though at the visitor's centre and hopefully we will be meeting with him again on thursday. He is looking really hopeful though. He has been taught since november and he has kept every reading asignment the sisters have given him. We just need to get him to church that is all.

Also this week we got to meet with Kingston and his partner Betty. We taught the restoration again, and Kingston asked some really good questions. It was a really good lesson, and hopefully they took it all in. We just need to get them to church, but Kingston works night shift so he doesn't get back from work until 8am on a sunday which is difficult. We will see what we can do though.

Oh, on saturday we ended up getting into a bible bash with someone. Well we weren't bashing, but they were. It was a little annoying, but quite funny because they didn't know their bible at all. At one point (we started getting into the 12 tribes somehow, we were using Ezekiel 37: to justify us having the book of mormon) and she said that Joseph of Egypt was a descendant of Judah... I probably shouldn't laugh, but we found it funny. We did get an appointment to see her in a few weeks though. I dunno how that will go, and neither of us really want to go, but I feel if we don;t she will feel that she proved us wrong, which she hasn't. So I'll let you know how that goes.

Also, on thursday I got to see Elder Mackay! We all had interviews at the stake centre. It was good to see him again. He is doing great! Still sounds more scottish than me haha!

Well, I can't really think of anything else to share from this week.

I hope you all have a good week!

Love you all!!

Elder Zach Mitchell

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