Thursday, 6 February 2014

A father's advice....

At the beginning of 2014 I got this:

Hey Dad,
I have a question to ask as well dad. Towards the end of your mission, how did you keep your mind focussed on the work, and not on the fact you were going home soon? I am struggling a little bit with that, but I don't want to waste the last few months of my mission, I want to work harder then before, so any advice you could give?
I love you dad, and I'm so glad you set the example to serve a mission.

Love Elder Zach Mitchell

Dear Zac
Just a quick note back. I really can't remember how I coped. I think the best thing to do is except the fact your mission is nearly over and make the most of it. It's like just before Christmas, it seemed everyone was slacking off and kicking back while I tried to stick to the job in hand. With work though I may not have written it down, but I had some goals in mind as to what I needed to do before I finished for the year, so set some realistic goals and focus on them and enjoy these last few months because you'll never have them again! Hope that helps.

thats great advise, thanks dad!

Love you!

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