Monday, 10 February 2014

Last area?

Hey Everyone!!!

So, before I start of, I have to say, the L key on the computer I'm using doesn't work very well, so if I have spelt something without an L, it is not my fault haha!

Well, I started this week in Woking with my boy, and ended back in London again with a new companion in a new area. It was a little strange, as I honestly felt that Woking would be my last area, and that Addlestone would be my last ward, but it is not to be. I was expecting to stay right up until Monday lunchtime, just before we got moves calls, I just had this weird feeing come over me that told me I was moving. It wasn't what I wanted to happen, but I think it helped me accept the news when it came.

It was difficult to say goodbye to some of the families I had grown to love, you would think by now on my mission I would be used to saying goodbye to people, but it doesn't get any easier.

My new area is great though, minus the flat... I got here to receive the happy news from Elder Oleson that the hot water and heating stopped working the day before I got there... cold showers, yay.... doesn't hep motivate me to get up in the mornings. It is okay though, we are hopefully getting someone in to fix it some time this week. Apart from that though, the area, and flat are great. It is only a small area that we cover of the ward, as the ward has 4 sets of missionaries. The Ap's are in our ward too which is cool.

Me and Elder Oleson are getting on great! He is from Reno Nevada, he has been out for just over 10 months, and he is a great guy. The ward is great too, we have some really great members. Our Ward Mission Leader is great, and knows so much about the scriptures, its crazy. Also, the ward is doing really well, they have had 4 baptisms already this year (hopefully I can help keep that up).

One funny thing I have to mention from Woking though, we met someone special... we met.... "The Lord of the Manor of Glen Coe"... he was in scruffy jeans and a t-shirt but he showed us the certificate that shows he is a lord. It was interesting...

The work here in Sutton though is going good. We just recently had two baptisms a few weeks ago which is so cool. Apart from that we are just trying to buid up the teaching pool again.

We have a guy we are teaching called Ramish, he is from India. We aren't sure how much he is taking in as he just seems to nod along to whatever we say. He is still happy to meet with us though which I guess is a good thing.

We also have a guy called Kingston. This is a guy that the Elders had met a few times but had never been able to arrange a time to meet. And then Wednesday night we met him on the street and he said to come by Friday. Small miracle. Anyway, we saw him on Friday and we taught him the restoration and he seemed really interested. He was asking great questions like how you recognise a true prophet from all the false ones which we explained to him, and he just seemed to get it. We invited him to be baptised but he said he would like some time to study a little bit more, but we are seeing him this week so that is looking good.

Well, I can't think of anything else to say so I will wrap it up here.

I love you all!!

Elder Zach Mitchell

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