Sunday, 19 May 2013

It's been a year already! How time flies

Hey everybody!

Yes that's right, this week as of friday I will have been out a whole year! A whole year!! Can you believe it? Hump day coming up, its all downhill from here... I'm kidding. Anyway, enough about that, I don't want to think about that just yet haha!

So yeah, this week has been pretty good. Chanai is still progressing towards her baptism which should be good. It may actually be on the 5th as they want a lot of the family to be there, but we shall see.

Also, our portuguese family are doing great. They should have been at church today, and the reason I say should is because they were all up dressed ready and at the bus stop ready to get the bus, then they found out the first bus from their house comes at 9.56am (church starts at 10) and that bus would only take them into town centre, they would have to get a bus from there out to the chapel which means they would have been really late, so they didn't come. We will get a member to pick them up next week though.

Here's a name I have talked about lately, Cindy. We got back in contact with her this week and got to see her. The last four weeks or so we haven't been able to contact her, and she hasn't been at church either, but we saw her on saturday which was good. Unfortunately the day before someone tried to break into her house so she was pretty freaked out. Luckily her and her daughter went home when it happened but as you can imagine she was still scared. She said she has missed church though and has missed us going over which is good.

Only other really cool thing to tell you from this week, we received a referral of someone who had seen the book of mormon musical, and he had seen the adverts in the program and decided it was interesting and wanted to find out more. He is a 13 year old boy that went with his family to see it, and we only talked to him. He had some good questions and hopefully we answered them all well. We gave him a Book of Mormon anyway and invited him to read and pray about it, I don't know if he will, or if it will go anywhere but we at least invited him. And as he lived so far out (45 minutes drive, we had to get a member to drive us out there and back as there were no buses he lived so far out) there would have been no chance for us to find them without that, so it is a Book of Mormon in the hands of a family that would have otherwise never found it. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Well sorry this email is kinda short, we have a busy day today.

I love you all

Elder Mitchell

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