Sunday, 19 May 2013

Another baptism

Hey Everybody!!

Happy Bank Holiday!!! As our district leader told his greenie it is a day we get to go into the banks and have balloons and cake (I wish that were true...).

Well there isn't too much to tell from this last week, not many big events to be honest. It has been a mixed week really, some good and some bad points.

Of course, the main event of this week was a baptism!! Chanai got baptised yesterday which was great!! It was such a great day and a great service. Unfortunately Ishamil still didn't feel ready to perform the baptism, but his family had talked about it and so the person they asked to perform it was... me. I was so overwhelmed that they would want me to perform the baptism, it truly was a great blessing.

So that was the good thing from this week. The rest has not been so great frankly. The saddest news is that the Portuguese family dropped us, big time. The dad gave us back the Book of Mormons we gave them and everything. I think it was mainly the dads decision as the mum wasn't there, and the kids were and they seemed really sad, but we can't take away peoples agency. Sometimes that's the most annoying thing about missionary work, but we have to respect peoples choice.

We haven't been able to see many of our other investigators either, and a few we have dropped as we can't get in contact with us or they keep flogging us. So in total I think we are down to about 6 or 7 investigators, which is hard. 

We have been doing a lot of finding though, and we have lots of potentials, we will just have to wait and see if any of them are willing to progress, as that is our main problem at the moment. We will just keep working hard and pray that the Lord will bless our efforts.

Well that is about it for last week to be honest, I will try and send a photo of the baptism, I have to get it from Elder Castro's camera though as mine died (not happy about that). Will hopefully have some more news from this week.

Love you all

Elder Mitchell

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