Sunday, 19 May 2013

All down hill from here - surely not!

Hey everyone!

I am now a year old missionary! I'm over the hill! but anyway...

This week has been good. I guess the biggest news is... Chanai passed her interview and is getting baptised after church next sunday!!! I am so excited for her, it is really great. Hopefully Ishamil will get to perform the baptism but we will see. I'll let you know how it goes next week.

Our portugese family were supposed to come to church, but late saturday night, we got a text from the mum saying the dad doesn't want them to go to church, so we aren't 100% sure what is going on there, but hopefully we can figure out in the next few days as the mum and kid are so excited to come to church, it is just the dad holding them back.

Cindy made it to church yesterday too which was good. The other day when we saw her though her boyfriend was there as well, which was a little awkward... but never mind. She still doesn't seem to be willing to commit just yet though, which is disappointing but what can you do?

Only other thing to say really is that we are teaching a really cool guy called Harprett. His family raised his as a sikh (I dunno how you spell it) but when he was about 20 he decided that wasn't for him anymore and cut off all his hair and throw out his turban and everything, which is incredible. Since then he started working for microsoft and met a member who he started dating and going to church with in the whitechapel ward in London. So he got referred on to us as he lives in Reading, and he is so cool. He is reading and praying which is amazing. I think he looks quite promising.

So that's how the work is going, I am doing fine. I got sunburnt this week! I haven't got sunburn for years!!! It was weird... oh, and also on friday we cut down a 66 foot tree. That was fun! Got to use a chainsaw and everything! Don't worry Becky, I was safe. Honest. So yeah, that was fun.

Well I don't know what else to say, so I will end this here.

Love you all
Elder Mitchell

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