Monday, 19 November 2012

Ward Conference and Christmas come early....

Hey everyone!
Well this week has been, not exactly uneventful, just not very full of events to be perfectly honest. We have been working hard though, and there have been some great things that have happened this week.
On wednesday, the Zone Leaders came up from Plymouth to help us work our area, so I got to go with Elder Jones for the day. It was great (we had the car :P) so we went out to totnes to contact some people there but after that we came back to Paignton. I don't know how, but I somehow had confidence to speak to people, Elder Jones says I'm actually good at contacting, but I dont think so. Anyway, one person we met, his name is Paco and he is from Spain. He didn't understand too much english but we told him we wanted to give him a spanish book of mormon, so we told him where the chapel was, and set an appointment to meet him there the next day.
So the next day came (I was back with Elder Pettersen) and we went to the chapel to meet him at the arranged time, and he was there!! So we got to teach him the restoration! It was a great teach and the spirit was there strongly. He accepted everything we taught him and accepted the book of mormon. only bad thing is, he is only over here for a month, then he goes back to spain (to his wife and little boy, young family :D) so we will keep meeting with him and hopefully get his details for back in spain and pass them on. He said he was busy sunday just gone, but he wants to come to church this coming sunday which is great!!!
We also had ward conference yesterday which was good, it was great to hear from the stake leaders. I would tell you more but my time is running out.
Sorry this is so short an email, I will try and make up for it next week.
I love you all
Elder MItchell
Oh yeah, is it bad that we already put up our christmas tree? haha
Also: Titus 2:3 how many times have God the Father and The Son appeared at the same time? Somethign for you all to think about :)

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