Monday, 5 November 2012

Remember, remember the 5th of November, gun powder treason and plots...

Hey everyone!
How are you all doing? I am doing good.
So how has my week been? Well, unfortunately we have not had any teaches again, which is not too good. We have not been able to contact any of our investigators. Alice and Jimmy aren't replying to any texts or answering the phone at all, so we may unfortunately have to drop them. I don't really want to, but if we can't contact them we can't teach them. I will continue mentioning them in my prayers though, that one day they may be more open to hearing about the gospel and will be more comitted. Also Mike really hasn't been feeling well lately so we haven't been able to see him. So we have been doing mainly finding all week.
It has been interesting as I still seem to struggle to talk to people on the street. I seem to say in my head that I am going to talk to them, but as they approach my confidence just disappears and all I manage to say is a quiet "good morning" or "hello." It does frustrate me at times, but I will keep trying to do better. We have done a lot of knocking as well this week, and we have a few return appointments from that which is pretty good. Also we have been trying by some former potentials and former investigators that we have found in the area book. We have seen a little success from that, as we found Vanessa and her two daughters but so far we haven't seen many of them.
We got to see vanessa briefly on saturday though, she was just back from holiday, but we have a return appointment with her for this week which is good :)
Also, something that Elder Pettersen has found success with in his last areas is working with Part-member families, so we have been trying to find out who all the part member families are, and trying to work with them. So things are picking up here in Paignton. Also I am getting along with the ward great now. Bishop actually said yesterday at church that I am "a Keeper" which I thought was pretty funny. Yes the Bishop may have an interesting idea for how to do missionary work, but the ward is still good at doing missionary work. We have one member who has given a work friend a book of mormon and has invited him to a family home evening tonight that we will be at (there will be fireworks! :D) so we shall see if he makes it. So yeah, things are pickign up here.
Me and Elder Pettersen are getting along great as well.
Well hope you are all doing well.
I love you all!
Elder Mitchell!
oh yeah, Elder Akebrand says hey! I got a letter from him this week and he says to say hey to all of you from him, so consider it done!

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