Sunday, 18 November 2012

Miracles and dogs.....

Sorry this is a little late - I had some problems with my emails this week.

Hey everybody!
Well this week has been pretty good. We are working hard and I feel the Lord is beginning to reward us for that (after testing our patience first).
This week we have had 9 teaches with Less-actives and recent converts which has been pretty good. We nearly got into double figures with our teaches, but not to be. We did have some people cancel appointments with us though at the beginning of the week, which was a little bit frustrating but it happens. Unfortunately, one of those who cancelled was Vanessa, she was going to be away so we rescheduled for this wednesday. She still really wants to meet us though, which can only be a good thing.
So unfortuntately (I know that is spelt wrong, but my spelling is failing me at the moment) we haven't been able to see any of our potentials this week. That is why we have had so many teaches with Less-actives. It has also meant that we have been able to spend a lot of time finding! (yay!). It has actually been quite good this week though. We have 9 potentials that we have to work with, and return appointments with about 3 of those, which is pretty good.
I shall share a little miracle we had this week though (I have been telling everyone this, so I can't leave you guys out now can I?). I will call it, "The Banbury Park Miracle". So in planning one day, we were trying to find a street to knock. Then Elder Pettersen suggested that we both look at separate maps of the area we would be in that day by ourselves, pick two roads and then come back together to see what we came up with. So I went and looked at our map on the wall, and picked two roads. Then when he had picked two roads, we told each other what roads we thought we should knock. One of the roads I had picked, he had picked as well! (Banbury Park). So we went and knocked it. by the time we got there it was around dinner time, so not really the best time to knock maybe, and at first it did not seem to be going to well, and at one point I remember thinking about suggesting we give up and go knock another road, but I didn't and we kept knocking. By the end of the road, we had 3 potentials to work with, and all of them were young families. Miracle? Okay, its not like we walked on water or anything, but its still a miracle in my eyes.
So yeah, next week should be good.
so... what else can I share about this week... I can't think of anything, except I forgot to mention last week, I experienced my first getting bit by a dog! Nothing serious, I still have all 10 fingers. basically, we were knocking, and this woman answered the door while trying to hold back her dog (it was a Jack Russell, nothing too big or menasing... so I thought...) and she wasn't interested so went to close the door, but as she did so, her grip on her dog slipped and he came charging for us (got itself shut in the door the stoopid mutt!) then when she opened the door again to let it in, it ran out, so obviously I thought it was going to try and run away so I put my hands down to stop it, and it bit my thumb! Its lucky it was on a higher step or I might have kicked it, but its okay, I'm not bitter or anything (stupid dog!) haha!
So yeah, that has been my week.
Hope you are all well
Love you all!!
Elder Mitchell

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