Thursday, 28 June 2012

Water melon and Books of Mormon....

Some of you may remember how fussy an eater Elder Mitchell was, so read on and be surprised.

Hey everybody!!
Well this week is the end of my Greenie transfer! It has gone by so fast!! The good news though is that trainers and trainees stay together for at least 2 transfers so we should not be going anywhere this moves (unless we get whitewashed!). But these 6 weeks have flown by.
The members here are looking after us, and we have a dinner appointment most days. I would say I am getting fat but I still weigh the exact same as I did when I left home (no idea how!! They fed us lots in the MTC haha!). But I am getting used to eating different food that I've never had before, I ate my first watermelon yesterday (not a whole one) and I liked it. So you don't have to worry about me being a fussy eater anymore (I guess).
This week has been really good though. It started with us travelling to Crawley after our P-Day (on monday night) for a mission conference on tuesday. It was great to see a lot of missionaries there who were in my MTC group and who I had never met before but were really friendly which was cool. Most importantly, President and Sister Shamo addressed us one last time before they go home this Friday :'( It is amazing how much you can grow to love someone in just 6 short weeks. And then after they spoke to us, we got to go through the London Temple with them. It was amazing and the spirit in the Celestrial Room afterwards when Sister Shamo came ound to say goodbye to us all personally was amazing. I just felt so much love there, and Sister Shamo was crying as she hugged all us missionaries goodbye. (I didn't cry by the way... nearly did) but the spirit was so strong. As much as I wish I could have served here with them longer, I am over the moon that I had the priviledge of meeting them and getting to know them just for these 6 weeks. President and Sister Millar get here on the 30th June.
Since we got back from the temple, I have no idea how but I have just felt so much more confident when talking to people. Obviously I still have a lot of improving to do, but its a start :) The other day me and Elder Martin gave out 4 Book of Mormons (Book's of Mormon if you want to be grammatically correct :P) and we have one return appointment with one of those we gave a book to. We shall see how that goes.
We don't have much progressing investigatos really, but we have a lot who we saw this week that were busy so we had to arange another time for this week or next week. I was amazed that Emma and Jo, although we had not seen both of them for a while they were both really interested to meet with us still which is amazing! And we have not heard from Lisanne yet but we are going to pop by her today.
Biggest miricle of the week though; This week Elder Martin got a call on Friday from Dhruba... He is moving back to Bristol!! His job in London didn't work out (some stupid immigration law meant he couldn't work for that company) so he has a job back here in Bath. We haven't heard from him since, but hopefully he is living inside our boundries still (because Bath is expensive, and we wanna baptise him!) but me and Elder Martin were over the moon!!
I would like to thank all of you for your emails and letters etc. Oh! yeah! I got my greenie package when I was at the temple!! So Happyyyyy! :D Thank you everybody who contributed something for it! When Becky said it was a big box I wasn't expecting that big... had to sit in the middle of a car for like 4 hours with in on my lap on the way home, but it was worth it (and better then having to cary it on a tain back haha!) And thank you to all you Young Woman fo the letters and everything in the package (I'll be honest, the sweets are all gone...) but thank you to all of you :)
Oh, and just so you know for future reference, when it's moves weeks, we don't get P-Day until wednesday (thats the day people move) but we still get to email on mondays (obviously as I am typing this :P) But yeah, can you please let Becky know that her package for me came on tuesday when I was at the temple :( but I will go to the post office and pick it up on P-day (wednesday) and will also reply to any letters I get then.
Hope that all of you are doing well. Love to you all!
Elder Mitchell
p.s if there any any spelling mistakes, it is not my fault, the libary computer keyboards are weird and keys don't work sometimes :S

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