Saturday, 16 June 2012

Elder Mitchell was pushing his luck.......

as we didn't receive an email on Monday!  Finally we got one, with apologies.

Hey everyone, sorry this email is late, I was planning to email when we got to the Weston-Super-Mare chapel on P-day but that didn't happen, I am sorry.

This week has been good, we are potentially teaching 3 families, that I will tell you more about next week as I do not have much time (I am writting this after district meeting)

Just to quickly let you all know I am doing okay.

By the way, I still haven't received that package yet, but I asked Sister Shamo about it last week at Zone Training and she got me to phone the office to make sure it is there (which it is) and she will work out getting it to me. It is just hard for them to get all the packages around because we are so far away from the mission office, but Sister Shamo is on the case!

This week I had my first exchange, which was good. Our district leader Elder Kankkunen came to downend to serve with me for the day on friday, it was interesting as I was the lead missionary in the area. It was good expience. It was also good for me to see him stopping and talking to everybody, it gave me confidence to do it myself, but I still need a lot more confidence and can improve a lot. It was really interesting though.

Yesterday we got to see a referral we got last week. Her name is Lisanne. She has 3 teenage children, 2 puppies (one of them said hello to me b peeing on my shoe...), 3 cats, a hedgehog and 9 tortoises (she is a vet by the way). Anyway, we will be seeing her again tomorrow, so hopefully it will all go well. I feel she has a lot of potential.

We are also seeing Jo today (our potential with 8 kids) so hopefully that will go well.

I apologise for this email being so late, and so short, I will make up for it next week I am sure.

I hope you are all doing well.

Lots of Love

Elder Mitchell

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