Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Can it be 2 months already?

Well yes it can!  I'm not counting, but it seems others are.  This is Elder Mitchell's 8th weekly email.

Hey everyone!!
8 emails? really? I can't believe it! haha anyway, hope you are all doing well. This week has been pretty good. We have a few solid investigators we are working with now.
One of them is Lisanne, we taught her on tuesday. Unfotunately we haven't seen her since, obviously being a vet she is super busy! but hopefully we can see her soon and teach her again, because I think the gospel will really help her. I hope all my typing is okay by the way, this libary computer is pretty rubbish and some of the keys only want to work when they want to, not when I want them to. anyway, Lisanne emembers when she was younger that the missionaries used to come and teach her family which is really cool!
We are also teaching Jo, turns out she doesn't have 8 kids by the way, she only has 4, she had friends over last time we saw her. But we were talking to her on the doorstep (her husband wasn't home so we weren't sure about going in) but she is really interested about what we believe and asked a lot of questions, some of them were quite tricky, but I think we did well anwering all of them, I hope. But she said she will talk to her husband and arrange a time for us to go and see them again when they are both in, so hopefully they will get in contact soon.
We are also teaching a guy named Paul (a different one), his wife Alison is a less-active we have been working with and we taught him on satuday about Faith. It was a good lesson, especially for me because I made a big contribution to a leson for once, which made me happy at least. And we also resolved Alisons concen as to why she stopped coming, or so we thought. They said they would both make it to church on yesterday but... no show. We will have to go and see them to see what stopped them coming. But I am growing to love both of them, they really are amazing. And I love the members here.
It is a small world in the church by the way... a member down here, Don Griffin, remembers Michael Patterson being his young men leader in Paisley! and Bishop Howlett here knows President Freed!! Also we have a young man, Tim Sewell, leaving for his mission in August to... Scotland Ieland!! so keep an eye out for him :)
Well tomorrow we have a mission (half-mission) conference in Crawley so I am really excited to that, may even see some of my friends from the MTC which would be cool to meet up with all of them.
Oh yeah, Frazer Keir, if you somehow get this message... Birmingham Mission? No way!! That is geat to hear, you will love it and love the MTC. When you get to the field keep an eye out for Elders Larsen, Lowry and L'Henaff, they were in my district in the MTC and are good friends of mine. You will be an amazing missionary though, I know that from the proselyting activity at glasow ysa convention and that mission prep weekend when I had the honour of being your companion. You will be amazing!
Also, Shaun Gangel, I hear you are preparing to go on your mission, that is awesome man!! Make sure you know Preach My Gospel and the Book of Mormon. If you ever need any other advise feel free to write/email, I will get back to you as soon as I can :)
Thank you all for your letters, emails and prayers. I love you all!
Elder Mitchell

It's a small world in the church!

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