Sunday, 11 August 2013

It's his birthday.....

I asked how his companion was doing and Elder Mitchell replied:

Hey Dad, Elder Coons is doing okay. We were al least able to go out and do some work this week. And our district leader was able to come and do splits with us twice last week, which really helped our numbers for the week haha!

That is exciting stuff to hear. It is good to hear people are coming back. And yes Becky has told me about her going out with the sisters and her helping them which is great! :) Hopefully the work will pick up a lot quicker back at your end :)

Down here, July was the highest baptising month for this mission in the last two years!!! Plus so far in August we already have 8 baptisms as a mission, with 18 scehduled for baptism next week, and 30 something the week after, so the work really is hastening. Hope that that news can help your missionaries (in livi I mean) get excited too, as it isnt a competition between missions, we are all on the same team!

Love you Dad

Elder Mitchell

His regular email follows:

Hey Everybody,

first off, thank you to all of you who sent an email, letter or package to wish me happy birthday. For all of you who forgot, it is tomorrow, so feel bad for not wishing me happy birthday! Just kidding! :)

Well this week has been good. Elder Coons still isn't feeling too great, but we have at least been able to get out a lot more then the previous week. It has also been helpful as our district leader and his companion came through for a workover on saturday, so with their help we got 14 lessons in 1 day! so that boosted our numbers quite well.

Tara is still doing great. Everything is set for her baptism on saturday! We are just getting the last few bits and pieces organised for it but it is all going ahead. The ward is also really excited as it is their first baptism since november last year, so the ward are really supportive. Hopefully Tara will get her friends to come along as well, that would be great!

Well other than that, again there isn't really much to tell, except we have a few more people we can potentially work with so that will be exciting.

Also, keep Elder Coons in your prayers, as he has to go for an MRI scan on wednesday.

Hope you all have a good week.

Love you all!!

Elder Mitchell

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