Sunday, 3 March 2013

The work continues....

Hey everyone!!

I hope you are all well, and are keeping warm! The weather has been baltic down here, but I am keeping wrapped up warm!

So this week has been pretty good. First things first though, one of the highlights of this week, was seeing Ishmael pass the sacrament, and also give a talk on the plan of salvation. It was amazing and he is just so strong in the gospel now, it is just amazing!!!

Also this week, we got to teach Christiana and Arthur again. It was a great teach and we invited them both to be baptised. Arthur accepted and has a date for the 16th of March, but Christiana still had some concerns about needing to be baptised again, so we taught her about priesthood authority and the second part of baptism beings the gift of the holy ghost by the laying on of hands. She seemed to understand that, but she wants to read and pray about the book of mormon first before she commits which is great! She actually seemed apologetic when she told us she wants to read and pray about it first, but we were like Perfect! Go ahead! Compare it with the bible, do whatever you need to do. So we will be seeing her later today so hopefully that will go well. unfortunately neither of them made it to church yesterday as they had a funeral to go to, but they are doing well. Arthur went to youth on tuesday where they played basketball. One of the youth leaders told us that, he isn't any good at basketball, but he put his heart and soul into it which is great, and he is getting along great with the youth.

We also saw Cindy, unfortunately she hasn't prayed about a date yet, which is a shame, but I just hope she will. She knows that the church is true and that she needs to be baptised but there just seems to be some personal problems that are holding her back, whatever they may be.

Another cool experience I want to share with you from this week. We have been getting our members to pray for roads we can knock, and we got one from a member the other day so we knocked it. After two hours of the nastiest people in reading probably, we knock on this one door and an african answers. As soon as we say we are missionaries for Jesus Christ he lets us in. He is the coolest guy ever! Talking to him, he says he believes in God, but not in religion because it is so corrupt, perfect right? so we taught him about the restoration and the Book of Mormon and he said he would read it and come to church on sunday. He didn't come to church on sunday unfortunately but he seems really cool. And guess what his name is? Roland Monie. That is genuinely his name! Cool or what?

So that has more or less been my week.

Sorry this is quite a short email.

Love you all!!

Elder Mitchell

p.s yesterday there was a rugby game on, between London Irish and London Wasps. Maybe someone could explain to me why London Irish play there home games in Reading? Also, I saw Scotland have 4 points in the Six Nations, how has that happened? haha!

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