Sunday, 24 March 2013

More news from Reading

Hey everyone

This week has been a good week. I'm sorry I am emailing later then usual, but as it may be Elder Holmes' last P-day in Reading as it is moves next week (I know, already?) a member wanted to show us around a little bit, and then we were playing football, and met some really cool guys who invited us to play with them every week. Should be fun haha.

So where to start... first our recent convert Ishmael. He is just doing great. Hopefully this week we can get him out on a few teaches with us which would be great! We also started teaching his daughter Chanai (pronounced Sha-nay) this week, as she says that she wants to get baptised! That would be great as she is the only member of the family who isn't baptised now and so once she is, the whole family could go to the temple in a years time and be sealed which would just be the greatest thing ever!

We saw Arthur and Christiana again this week. Arthur is doing great and he is so excited for his baptism on the 16th. We still have a lot to teach him though so hopefully we can meet him enough times to teach him everything. The youth are doing a great job of fellowshipping him though and he loves youth and being in young mens. Christiana is not doing so well however. She has not been reading the Book of Mormon, but she has been praying that she will be guided to the truth, and she still wants to take a serious amount of time, like just her day off or something to just sit and read so she can find out for herself if it is true. She is quite happy for Arthur to go ahead with baptism though, which is good.

We also saw Cindy this week. She still doesn't have a date for baptism. We have talked to her about it and what would be holding her back. She doesn't know what is holding her back but there clearly is something there. she just needs to pray for whatever that is to either be removed or for her to have the strength to overcome it so hopefully she is doing that.

Chanai, Arthur and Cindy all made it to church on sunday though, which was great! They all really enjoyed it too which is good. Also, our miracle find Roland made it to church for at least gospel principles too which was good. He had to leave part way through priesthood though as he had to get to work but he made it which was great.

So things in Reading are going really well. I cannot believe I have been here for nearly a whole transfer already! Elder Holmes reckons he is going to leave which, if that is the case I am a little nervous about taking over the area as I'm still not 100% familiar with the area and I still don't know all the members but if I need to take over the area, I am sure I will be fine.

Well I love you all so so much!

Elder Mitchell

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