Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Elders Darcey and Mitchell

Hey Dad, I'm glad you've had a good trip and have travelled safe. I'm sure it must have been great seeing everyone.
Glad you got to attend church in Norwich again. That is what I loved about serving in Reading, is that the building reminded me of Norwich.
I had laready heard that Elder Riki was an AP, he has been for a while haha.
I'm not going to even comment on Mathew's hair...
Oh, guess who I met on friday at Zone Conference, do you remember an Elder Darcy fro Dublin, he served his mini mission in Livi with Elder Neilson. He met and I asked him where he was from and so he asked me (I said Edinburgh because no one knows where livingston is) and he was like "where about's in Edinburgh?" so I told him Livingston and then it clicked and he was like "Are you Bishop Mitchell's son?" He says he loved serving in Livingston, and he was telling me how great a ward mission leader you were, which I already knew. I have a picture that I'll try and attach.
Love you Dad!

Elder Zach Mitchell

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